Air Flow Teeth Cleaning

Air Flow Teeth Cleaning Wuppertal. Clean and well-groomed teeth, a white open smile is always in fashion. Tsypin Dental Clinic will help you maintain the beauty of your teeth – we invite you to Air Flow dental cleaning. Our hygienist will clean the pigmented plaque from their surface with the utmost delicacy. For this, we use a gentle abrasive powder that does not traumatize the gums.

What is Air Flow Teeth Cleaning Wuppertal.

“Aire Flow” is a Swiss technology for safe sandblasting of teeth from EMS. It has become the global standard in oral hygiene along with ultrasonic cleaning and remineralization. All of these procedures are included in the complex professional dental cleaning that our dentistry offers.

The device sends a therapeutic aerosol to the tooth surface through a miniature nozzle, mixing air, water and a powder of microscopic particles under pressure. The directed movement of these particles in the aerosol cloud creates a sandblasting effect of cleaning. A dental hygienist can clean teeth in areas that are difficult to clean at home: the interdental spaces, the area of the 7th and 8th teeth, the space under the gums.

The Aire Flow procedure does not require anesthesia and does not cause discomfort. The ClinPro spray we use has no aggressive ingredients. It does not traumatize the soft tissues of the gums and does not scratch the enamel. Air Flow Teeth Cleaning Wuppertal.

What problems can be solved with AIRFLOW teeth cleaning

Everyone has a biofilm of bacteria and coloring pigments on the tooth surface, including under the gums. Their accumulation leads to:

  • darkening of the teeth;
  • bad breath;
  • inflammation and bleeding of the gums;
  • tartar formation;
  • carious lesions.

Air Flow gently and non-traumatically removes biofilm, surface pigmentation and prevents these problems.

How we perform the procedure

Once you have decided to make an appointment at Tsypin Dentistry, you will be seen by a dental therapist and will determine your Aire Flow indication. Air Flow Teeth Cleaning

The first step is definitely the ultrasonic cleaning of the tartar. This is a standard procedure in which the doctor removes hard deposits from the surface of the teeth, from under the gums. Before sandblasting, the surface of the teeth must be clean of calculus. In addition, it can hide cavities underneath.

The second step is the Air Flow procedure itself:

  • you are comfortably seated in the chair;
  • The hygienist cleans each tooth in turn, right down to the roots;
  • The patient pays special attention to the subdental space and periodontal pockets.

The final stage – polishing the enamel, after which there is a beautiful shine. Air Flow Teeth Cleaning Wuppertal.

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