Anterior teeth implant

Anterior teeth implant Wuppertal. Defects in the front teeth are quite a serious flaw in appearance, which can cause great psychological discomfort. That is why it is important to solve this problem immediately. The best option is to get an implant.

What are the requirements for implant dentures?

The front teeth are not crucial for chewing food, so they are under little stress. For this reason, even low-strength constructions are suitable for dentures. The main task in this situation – to achieve maximum aesthetics. The extent to which this task will be fully performed depends on the professionalism of the doctor, as well as the quality of the prosthesis.

Dentures that are used in frontal dental implants should:

  • be biocompatible with the implant material as well as the oral tissues themselves. Otherwise, the consequences can be very unpleasant – from changes in the color of the gums (which reduces the level of aesthetics) to rejection;
  • be longer, but less thick than constructions used to restore lateral dental units. This is due to the fact that the seat has a smaller area;
  • be as similar to real teeth as possible. This is the only way to completely eliminate the cosmetic defect.

Wuppertal anterior teeth implant. The right choice of front tooth implant material plays a huge role. The traditional material is titanium, but it is not desirable to use it because of it:

  • the color of the gum may change;
  • the metal base will show through the denture.

Thus, the best option is to use zirconium oxide and aluminum. The advantages would be this:

  • the design is as strong as possible, but at the same time gives a minimum load on the tissues;
  • materials are hypoallergenic – cases of allergic reactions are extremely rare;
  • materials provide high aesthetics of the finished prosthetic structure – it is almost impossible to visually distinguish the artificial teeth from the real ones.

Types of Anterior teeth implant Wuppertal

All techniques are suitable for the restoration of anterior teeth, but one-stage implantation with immediate loading is preferred. Temporary dentures are immediately placed on the placed implant, which can be used on the day of surgery.

The technique allows you to restore the aesthetics of the smile in one procedure and ensure even loading of the jaw, preventing tissue attrition. Wuppertal anterior teeth implant.

If the operation according to the one-step protocol is not possible for some reason, the standard two-step implantation is used: the implant is implanted to the patient, and after it has fully taken root, prostheses are placed.

Stages of anterior teeth implantation

The procedure is carried out in several stages. The first of these is preparatory. At this stage, the doctor plans the upcoming operation, collects medical history, and examines the patient. Prior to surgical intervention, the following measures are taken:

  • oral hygiene. Caries and periodontal disease are treated, root canals are filled, and destroyed anterior teeth are extracted. Professional cleaning is performed;
  • If there is severe periodontal disease, treatment is carried out. If there is bone atrophy, plastic surgery is performed to implant an implant.

The next step is surgery. An implant is implanted in the place of the former tooth root under local anesthesia. If a traditional technique is used, an abutment is placed.

Next comes the final stage – the orthopedic stage. Prosthetics are performed. The patient is fitted with a removable or fixed prosthesis.

How to facilitate healing after anterior dental implants.

To speed up the regeneration process and avoid negative consequences, the following requirements should be followed:

  • give up alcohol and nicotine;
  • do not drink or eat food that is too hot or too cold;
  • do not eat nuts, bread crumbs and other excessively solid foods;
  • clean your teeth regularly and rinse with a special lotion;
  • minimize physical activity;
  • refrain from sunbathing, visiting bathhouses, saunas, swimming pools, beaches, tanning beds;
  • be sure to take all medications prescribed by the doctor in the exact dosage;
  • to relieve pain and stimulate tissue regeneration, you can do rinses with herbal decoctions.

This way the implant will take root more quickly and will not cause problems during the rehabilitation period. Anterior teeth implant Wuppertal.

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