Braces Wuppertal. Braces are devices for aligning uneven teeth, the most effective currently in orthodontic practice. There are classical (cheek) and lingual (lingual) braces, which are placed on the appropriate side of the dentition. Installation of braces requires consultation with a qualified orthodontist, and the procedure is performed by an experienced specialist with modern equipment.

Bracket materials and models. Braces Wuppertal

There are many types of braces. Some play a purely decorative role, not correcting the position of the teeth. Such jewelry can be seen in famous people who love extravagance, they have even become fashionable in recent years. The most expensive are sapphire braces, with artificial semi-precious stones. They are beautiful, but they may be too hard for enamel. Ceramics (porcelain) is good because it is easy to match the natural color of enamel. Plastic is the most economical, but they need to be replaced more often, possibly staining plastic with food and drink.

Dentists recommend more practical and safe designs made entirely of metal. Making parts from the same alloy eliminates the formation of electrochemical stresses in the liquid medium. The metal does not corrode in saliva and the treatment is optimal. If you already have metal crowns on your teeth, it is better to choose a similar alloy for braces. Expensive decorative items are made of gold. The biocompatible titanium-nickel alloy is widely used.

Most often, braces (pads) are placed on the outside of the teeth adjacent to the lips and cheeks. But they also make lingual braces that face inside the mouth. Placement near the tongue impairs the pronunciation of sounds and interferes with eating, so this option is rarely used. The indication may be the presence of traumas of the mucous membrane of the cheeks, the occurrence of tumors on them in the past. If any tumor is present in the present, even if benign, it is a definite contraindication to the installation of braces. The main advantage of lingual braces is invisibility. Only a narrow strip of metal is visible on the outside of the teeth. There are also external mini-braces, which are small, inexpensive and not very visible. Braces Wuppertal.

Not instantaneous, but guaranteed results

Bite alignment with braces is a long process. It is impossible to tell at once how long it will take to get a straight smile. But you will definitely get a noticeable result.

The new braces process is much different from what it used to be. Now the dentist does most of the long work without the presence of the patient, before he arrives. The doctor places the braces on the mouth guard. During the appointment, the dentist places the mouthpiece in the patient’s mouth and binds the brace with the arches. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the chair. Braces Wuppertal.

To prescribe treatment, the orthodontist performs an examination. After that an exact diagnosis will be made. Then he will select braces, taking into account your budget and wishes. And as a result, you will get a straight line of teeth. During the entire period of treatment, be under the supervision of a doctor. Necessary corrections will be made if necessary. You will receive full consultation on any issue that has arisen.

We work with all major types of orthodontic braces: Damon, Clarity, Inspire Ice, Victory, Insignia, etc. We correct not only children’s problematic bites, but also cases of varying complexity of deep bites in adults.

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