Dental plates

Dental plates Wuppertal. This leads to untimely correction, which can have not only harmless consequences in the form of an unaesthetic appearance.

An incorrect bite is associated with problems in the gastrointestinal tract, which is caused by improper jaw function during chewing.

An incorrect bite often causes speech defects, as well as problems with the teeth (tooth decay due to more difficult hygiene, increased brittleness due to mechanical stress).

Dental plates

Orthodontic disorders are well cured by special plates for teeth. They are aimed at solving a number of problems:

  • Fixing the teeth in the right position for a long time;
  • Correction of the shape of the jawbone;
  • Help regulate the rate of jaw growth.

Important: The purpose of the plates is to fix the teeth in the correct position, not to advance the teeth. They are prescribed before braces are placed. The plates can be removed during meals and hygienic procedures.

Who is suitable for dental plates?

Dental plates are most commonly used to correct the bite in children under 12 years of age. In modern dentistry, braces are used to correct the bite in adults, although before their appearance, the use of plates was relevant. After braces are removed, it is recommended to wear retainers – retainers that hold your teeth in the correct position.

Dental plate installation procedure

These dental appliances are made individually for each patient. First, radiographic examination is performed, and then impressions are made. Afterwards, models are made of plaster on the basis of impressions. These models are tried on by the patient, assessing their comfort. Only then does the dental technician make the plates on the teeth. The plastic base of the plates follows the contours of the gums, which makes the device comfortable to wear.

How much do dental plates cost

Tooth plates are usually recommended for children. They do not cause even the smallest patients discomfort due to the fact that they are periodically removed. The plates are inexpensive. Your doctor will help you choose them after a face-to-face consultation. Call to make an appointment at your convenience! Wuppertal dental plates.



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