Dentures Wuppertal. At Tsypin Dentistry we provide inexpensive partial dentures for missing anterior or masticatory teeth on the upper and lower jaws.

The first orthopedic consultation is free of charge. The doctor will select the optimal type of partial denture taking into account the clinical picture and budget.

Features of clasp dentures

The main difference is the presence of an arc-shaped frame. The term “bügel” in German means “arc. Hence the name of this orthopedic construction. It consists of:

  • the cast frame arc is made of metal;
  • acrylic base (imitates soft tissues of the oral cavity);
  • artificial crowns;
  • fixing fasteners.

Thanks to its shape, the partial denture takes up less space in the mouth and rests not only on the gums (like a traditional plate denture), but also on the teeth.

Indications for partial Dentures Wuppertal

  • Single- and double-sided end defects;
  • Severe tooth mobility in periodontitis;
  • Absence of one or more anterior teeth;
  • Pathological erosion of enamel;
  • Contraindications to fixed prosthetics.

The dentures are not suitable for complete edentulism on the upper or lower jaw, since they require living-supporting teeth to be fixed.


  • Allergy to metals;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Acute inflammatory processes in the oral cavity;
  • Atrophy of the alveolar processes;
  • A deep bite;
  • Somatic diseases;
  • High fastening of the bridle of the tongue;
  • Oncology;
  • Acute heart failure.

Types of Dentures Wuppertal

Depending on the method of attachment, a distinction is made between partial dentures:

On hooks (clammers).

Metal hooks are located at the base of the supporting teeth, providing a secure fixation of the orthopedic structure.

Clampers can be molded together with the frame to increase the strength and durability of the structure.

Hook-and-loop prostheses (clammers)
fast production;
the supporting teeth are not grinded down;
high structural strength;
low price.
low aesthetics (hooks are visible when you smile).

On locks (attachments).

One part of the lock is inside the supporting tooth, which contributes to good aesthetics. The other is located inside the denture.

The best locking fasteners are Bredent and MK-1, made in Germany.

Clip-supported partial dentures (attachments)
good aesthetics;
are more comfortable to wear;
even load distribution.
Cropping of 1 to 4 teeth (especially not good if they are healthy);
requires a very highly qualified orthopedic dentist and dental technician.

On telescopic crowns.

The mount consists of two parts:

removable metal-ceramic crown attached to the denture;
a metal cap of a smaller diameter, cemented onto the sharpened tooth.
One part is inserted into the other, ensuring a very firm hold of the removable construction in the mouth. A good option for dentures on the upper jaw.

Telescopic dentures on telescopic crowns.
the maximum strength of the attachment of the product;
high aesthetics;
a more rapid habituation.
strong edging of the teeth for support;
high price.


Removable construction with a metal arch with multi-link claspers.

Restores lost units and firmly fixes loose teeth in periodontal disease.

Cast iron partial dentures
are more comfortable to wear because the size of the base is smaller and more compact;
minimal risk of breakage, thanks to the design features.
a long-term habituation;
increased salivation;
possible occurrence of a gag reflex.

Manufacturing Steps Dentures Wuppertal

1. Visual inspection, diagnosis
The doctor examines the oral cavity. Assesses the health of your teeth and gums. Selects the optimal type of orthopedic structure attachment. If necessary, cavities are treated and the supporting teeth are grinded down.

2. making.
A diagnostic and auxiliary model is created in the dental laboratory on the basis of the taken impressions.

3. Trying on
After the orthopedic structure is installed, the patient tells the doctor how he or she feels, based on which, if necessary, the structure is adjusted and corrected. A date is set for the next visit for the final placement of the partial denture.

Dentures Wuppertal.


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