Hole in the tooth

Hole in the tooth Wuppetal. Found a black hole in your tooth? If the hole in the tooth Wuppertal is the time to think about oral health and reconsider the daily diet and dental care. Indeed, even the smallest depression may indicate that insidious caries has settled in the mouth, which is already slowly but surely destroying healthy areas of the teeth.

What causes a black hole in a tooth?

The main reason for the formation of holes in the teeth, as already mentioned, is caries. Being a consequence of the vital activity of bacteria and microorganisms, it can lead to the complete destruction of the tooth. Doctors say there are many reasons for its appearance.

Important! According to statistics, women are more likely than men to suffer from caries. This is associated with the hormonal changes in the body that occur in women during pregnancy and lactation. In addition, the chance of cavities and holes in the teeth increases in people with malocclusion. Too narrow gaps between the teeth, thinned enamel – all this contributes to the accumulation of food and creating a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms.

Possible Complications

Indentations in the enamel themselves signal a problem. In the event that your hole in the tooth begins to hurt, albeit not very much, it is recommended to immediately seek the help of a doctor. Otherwise, there will be a huge number of unpleasant consequences.

Pulpitis and periodontitis are among the most common types of complications. In the first case, there is simply acute inflammation of the dental nerve, with severe aching pains. In the second, the dental ligaments that secure the tooth to the bone are damaged.

Stages of formation of a hole in a tooth wuppertal

The most common is the formation of a hole in the wisdom tooth. Inaccessible to cleaning with a regular brush, they become a convenient place for bacteria to accumulate. However, depressions in the enamel do not appear immediately; it is possible to prevent the last stages of caries development, provided that the condition of your teeth is constantly monitored. Let us briefly describe each of the progressive stages of caries development:

Initial stage: there are slight darkenings on the tooth. To treat caries, it is enough to treat the affected area with a special solution, prescribe a diet, medicinal powders and toothpaste.

Superficial caries: there is a slight destruction of the enamel without severe signs of pain. There may be slight roughness, increased sensitivity of the teeth to cold and hot.

The middle stage: here the formation of depressions is diagnosed, not only the enamel is damaged, but also the dentin. Difficulties in brushing teeth, discomfort when taking sour, sweet or salty foods are noted. It is difficult to relieve pain in this case even when taking analgesics.

Deep caries: the affected cavity of the tooth increases in size, the enamel is damaged almost over the entire area of the tooth, the dentin becomes softened. It is almost impossible to touch the tooth, there is a complete defeat of the neurovascular tissues.

What to do if there is a hole in the Wuppertal tooth?

If you notice the development of at least the first stage in yourself, immediately go to a visit to the dentist. A hole is the last stage of carious damage, which can be very difficult to get rid of. Professional treatment of holes is carried out only in a dental clinic. The standard scheme of work of a specialist usually includes:

  • Treatment of the oral cavity (plaque and stone on the diseased tooth are removed, the usual hygiene procedures are carried out).
  • Anesthesia of the hole site (with a significant complexity of the disease).
  • Removal of areas of dental tissue affected by caries, treating them with an antiseptic preparation.
  • Drilling the form of the required shape to install a filling in it, if necessary, a medical pad is applied to provide an anti-inflammatory effect on the nerve.
  • Closing the treated cavity with a filling material, the color of which is fully consistent with the color of the tooth. After that, the filling is adjusted according to the bite, ground and polished.

How to prevent re-hole formation in a tooth?

In order to prevent such an unpleasant development of caries, it is important to monitor oral hygiene and do everything so that dangerous bacteria do not have time to take root on the teeth. To do this, dentists recommend using fluoride toothpaste, rinsing your mouth after every meal and meal, and flossing whenever possible. It is also important to adjust the diet, try to eat sweets and starchy foods as little as possible, increase the amount of foods containing phosphorus, fluorine and calcium in the diet. A plus would be the rejection of carbonated drinks. It is also recommended to visit the dentist’s office at least once every six months.

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