Hygienic teeth cleaning

Hygienic teeth cleaning Wuppertal. Before making a plan of preventive measures, Tsypun specialists conduct a comprehensive examination, examining the condition of the mouth, the results of microbiological tests and the predisposition to the development of dental diseases.

Hygienic tooth cleaning with ultrasound is the main preventive procedure performed by a dentist or hygienist. Regular brushing can help remove plaque, which builds up on the enamel surface due to the proteins in food and turns into tartar after mineralization. Timely removal of tartar through preventive procedures will make the surface of the teeth smooth, strengthen the enamel and give it a natural whiteness.

Teeth cleaning with ultrasound begins with the removal of hard deposits, then the surface of the tooth is cleaned of soft deposits and plaque using an air jet with small particles of powder. After tartar removal, all surfaces are polished with special pastes. As a result, the teeth take on their natural color. Hygienic brushing is completed with applications of fluoride varnish or fluoro gel, which strengthens tooth enamel.

After the procedure, the doctor prescribes a daily individual oral hygiene program using toothpaste, brushes and dental floss. Hygienic Cleaning Wuppertal.

To prevent tooth decay in children, dentists recommend that children’s teeth be examined as soon as they erupt in order to identify deep grooves and cavities. If there are any, it is necessary to seal them with special materials.

Teeth brushing: when and how often?

Oral cleanings as recommended before dental treatment for several reasons:

  • Preventive measures will have a good effect on the condition of the gums;
  • The absence of plaque will allow the dentist to diagnose tooth decay at an early stage;
  • cleaning of the teeth will facilitate the selection of the shade of the filling material;
  • long warranty period of dental work performed.

The key to maintaining a beautiful smile is in regular visits to the hygienist. The body is constantly fighting bacteria, which are especially active in the oral cavity, and the success of this fight depends on the condition of the immune system and your teeth. The latter should be monitored twice a year, and during orthodontic treatment even more often: sessions of professional tooth cleaning should be performed every three months.

Professional oral hygiene includes:

  • Removal of hard dental plaque above and below the gums with ultrasound. If necessary, additional manual tooling is performed.
  • Removal of pigmented microbial plaque by machine using a jet of water and a special powder.
  • Polishing teeth with rotating brushes and pastes.
  • Coating teeth with fluoride varnish or fluoride gel to strengthen tooth enamel.

Hygienic teeth cleaning Wuppertal

Hygienic teeth cleaning Wuppertal.




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