Installing a filling on a tooth

Installing a filling on a tooth Wuppertal. Don’t know where to go to get fillings on your tooth Wuppertal? Use the services of “Tsypin” dentistry! Affordable prices, progressive methods, qualified doctors – to make an appointment, just call 0202 / 2833766.

A filling is a procedure that restores the shape and function of a decayed tooth. As a rule, destruction is a consequence of caries, but sometimes the reasons may be different, for example, a blow or a fall. This procedure has many features and requires a professional approach to its implementation.

What are Wuppertal dental fillings?

Seals differ from each other in a number of ways. One of them is the expiration date. On this basis, the following types are distinguished:

  • Temporary fillings placed to check if the patient will be bothered by pain. If there is no pain, the temporary filling is replaced by a permanent one. Setting time – up to two weeks;
  • Permanent fillings. They serve for several years. Various materials can be used for manufacturing.

In modern dentistry, many filling materials are used. According to the type of material, a filling on a tooth can be as follows:

  • Cement filling. Cements have many disadvantages – they are almost impossible to grind, and the color is different from the color of tooth enamel. Now they are used less and less. However, the cost of filling a tooth will be as low as possible;
  • Metal filling of the tooth. It is made from amalgam – metal alloys (usually copper and silver). It is highly durable, but is toxic and also very noticeable. It is most often placed on chewing teeth;
  • Composite filling for a tooth. It can be made from various components, but most often these are artificial resins, as well as finely ground glass. Differs in durability as polymerization is carried out by means of a UF-lamp. The shade can be chosen individually, and therefore today it is the most optimal option.

Tabs are a separate category. Sometimes they are called ceramic fillings, however, in fact, these are micro prostheses. Their composition and appearance are as close as possible to natural tooth enamel. The tabs are made individually, and therefore their installation is carried out in several stages. Various materials are used for manufacturing – composites, ceramics, cermets. The tab is almost invisible, which completely solves the problem of aesthetics. Installing a filling on a tooth Wuppertal.

How is a filling placed on a tooth Wuppertal?

Features of the filling depends on the type of material chosen. Nevertheless, the main process is carried out according to the same pattern:

  • Anesthesia. The anesthetic drug is selected individually, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the patient;
  • Cleaning of the dental cavity. The task of the dentist is to remove dead tissue. At this stage, a cavity of the required depth and shape is formed;
  • Checking the condition of the pulp. In the absence of damage, the cavity is disinfected. In the presence of inflammation, appropriate treatment is carried out;
  • After cleansing and eliminating inflammation, the cavity is dried. Next, a special gasket is installed, which has an insulating and antibacterial function;
  • Filling directly. A dental filling is placed. At the last stage, it is polished and ground.

The specifics of installing seals from different materials.

The features of the procedure will depend significantly on the type of filling material used. So, if we are talking about cements, the procedure must be performed as quickly as possible, since they harden extremely quickly. As a result, the dentist has little time to form a surface relief. Installing a filling on a tooth Wuppertal.

When using metals, the situation is reversed – the materials harden for a very long time. Hardening is carried out in 2-3 hours. Polishing is carried out the next day after installation.

The use of composites is a real breakthrough. The procedure has its own, special specifics of a filling on a tooth Wuppertal:

  • the dental cavity is treated with adhesive agents;
  • composites are applied in thin layers, each of which is processed using a UV lamp;
  • upon completion of the application of all layers, sharpening and polishing is performed.

Dental inlays are made in a laboratory. First, an impression is made. Then an individual tab is made on it. It is being sampled. If there are no complaints, installation is carried out using special adhesives. The price of a tooth filling also depends on the type of material. However, the services of Tsypin dentistry will be available in any case – no matter what filling material is used. Using our services, you will be satisfied with both the result and pleasant prices!



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