Invisalign in Wuppertal. We have the most modern orthodontic tools in our arsenal, including Invisalign eliners (mouth guards) (USA), with which the treatment will be comfortable for you and unnoticeable to others.

What are mouth guards or eliners

Most often, mouth guards are associated with protective plates for the teeth of athletes. In dentistry, orthodontic mouth guards – eliners are used. Their purpose is to align the dentition. They are removable elastic plates of transparent material, made according to the individual parameters of the patient. They gently and delicately act on the teeth, gradually moving them into position.

The treatment requires a set of mouth guards – each of them has a certain amplitude of tooth movement. The mouth guards are worn continuously (at least 22 hours a day), removing them only during meals and hygienic procedures.

Eliners are a great alternative to braces. They are often chosen by public figures who care about preserving the aesthetics of their smile during a bite correction. Due to the transparency of the material, the mouth guards are invisible on the teeth. Invisalign in Wuppertal.

Who makes Invisalign in Wuppertal mouth guards

The American company Align Technology was the first in the world to create and patent transparent orthodontic mouth guards under the brand name Invisalign in 1998. Since then, the manufacturer has been improving the manufacturing technology every year.

They are currently the most advanced eliners in the world. The company claims that treatment with Invisalign mouth guards is as effective as braces – they successfully cope with virtually all bite pathologies. That’s why Tsypin Dentistry works with this particular manufacturer. We work directly with the company, and for our patients the price of Invisalign eliners is always optimal.

What bite problems are solved by Invisalign in Wuppertal mouth guards

  • High degree of crowding of teeth.
  • Too much space between teeth
  • Distal, mesial, open, straight, crossbite
  • Consolidation of the effect after bite correction with braces.

Features of Invisalign drops in Wuppertal

  • Fully biocompatible material without allergies, irritation.
  • Absence of any traumatic factors.
  • Bite correction with Invisalign is invisible to others.
  • The mouth guards are made exclusively at the company’s certified factory in the United States.
  • A snug fit to the teeth, the optimum thickness of the material ensures comfort when wearing, preserving the patient’s diction.
  • Eliners take 1-2 days to get used to.
  • Wearing mouth guards does not require any special hygiene rules – you just need to brush your teeth carefully.
  • The period of treatment with Invisalign is similar to the correction of bite with braces.

Preparing for treatment

The surface of the teeth must be cleaned of hard deposits (tartar) and bacterial plaque, so as not to provoke the spread of infection under the mouth guard. Therefore, you must first have a professional ultrasound cleaning on the machine Air Flow, strengthen the teeth with fluoride and calcium. Treat tooth decay if necessary.

Diagnostics before Invisalign in Wuppertal orthodontics installation

At the initial consultation, the patient undergoes a complete diagnosis to calculate the orthodontic treatment:

  • orthodontist examination;
  • photo report;
  • taking impressions;
  • teleradiograph;
  • computed tomography.

After a few days, the patient is invited for a consultation to become familiar with the treatment program and the projected outcome. The doctor also explains in detail the price of the Invisalign system in a specific case.

How a bite is corrected

Preparing for the procedure

Based on the diagnostic data in a special program Clean Check orthodontist plans each step of the future movement of teeth and creates a 3D model of the eliners.


The information is sent to the lab, where a complete set of mouth guards is made.


The patient is invited to the clinic, the orthodontist helps him put on the first pair of mouth guards, explains in detail the rules of care and appoints a date for the next visit.

Preparing for the procedure

You need to wear the mouth guards from 6 months to 1.5 years, depending on the complexity of the pathology. Once every 5-6 weeks you should see your doctor to evaluate the interim results of the treatment. Invisalign in Wuppertal.


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