Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic Surgery Wuppertal. Tsypin Dentistry offers a wide range of services in the field of orthognathic surgery. Highly qualified specialists will be happy to help you solve any, even the most complex problems.

What does orthognathic surgery do?

The scope of orthognathic surgery includes surgeries designed to correct bite and facial symmetry in cases where braces and other orthopedic structures cannot help. Such manipulations include:

  • Lengthening or, conversely, shortening of the jaws.
  • Moving the jaws to the correct position.
  • Correcting the size of the chin.

In all of the cases described above, surgical intervention is necessary for fairly serious disorders: skeletal deformities of the second and third classes.

What could be the consequences of not having?

Thanks to surgical intervention, not only the bones but also the soft tissues come back to normal. Thus, the facial features change, and the appearance becomes more attractive.

However, it is fundamentally wrong to think that the correction of such disorders is only a matter of aesthetics. Without competent timely treatment, the problems worsen. Defects in the bite can even cause problems in other systems of the body: provoke diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, head and back pain. Orthognathic Surgery Wuppertal.

What is the preparation for surgery?

A huge breakthrough for dentistry was the use of three-dimensional models. Thus, modern programs allow you to accurately calculate the parameters for each individual patient, which will ensure optimal functioning of the chewing apparatus and the correct contact between the teeth of the upper and lower jaw. Today, preparation for orthognathic surgery necessarily begins with the construction of a computer template, which will later guide the surgeon.

It may also be necessary to correct the position of the teeth before manipulating the jawbones themselves. In such cases, the patient is fitted with braces or eliners for several months, and only after the alignment of the teeth is scheduled for surgery.

Is orthognathic surgery dangerous?

The modern technology used at the dental centers of the Unident network has made orthognathic surgery one of the safest and most predictable types of surgical interventions. The only consequence that is relatively likely is temporary numbness of one or both lips. However, even it cannot be considered unequivocally negative: thanks to numbness, pain in the postoperative period is reduced. Orthognathic Surgery Wuppertal.

Pros and cons of orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery can be performed not earlier than when you reach the age of 18 years, after the active growth and formation of the bones of the jaw is complete. There are some other contraindications: chronic diseases in the acute stage, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. When making a diagnosis, our dentists do not rely on appearance defects, but on the analysis of a set of diagnostic procedures: computed tomography, teleradiograph of the head, diagnostics of the temporomandibular joint, etc.

The main advantage of surgical treatment is the ability to correct even the most complex anomalies of the maxillofacial system. In addition, the result obtained will remain stable, the teeth will not seek to return to their natural “natural” position.

The disadvantages of this radical treatment include the need for a postoperative period, which will be needed to heal the wounds and restore full masticatory function, as well as the cost of surgery.

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