Treatment of pulpitis

Treatment of pulpitis Wuppertal. Dental pulpitis is an inflammation of the dental pulp or neurovascular bundle located in the crown and root parts of the tooth. His pain is unbearable.

Symptoms of pulpitis

Symptoms are different – they depend on the form in which the disease proceeds. The form can be acute and chronic. In the acute form, the most characteristic symptom is paroxysmal severe pain.

If the form of the disease is acute focal, the patient can accurately indicate which tooth hurts. However, if we are talking about a diffuse form, the pain can dissipate – give to the cheekbone or even the opposite jaw.

A characteristic symptom of the chronic stage is aching pain. However, the disease is often asymptomatic. With fibrous chronic pulpitis, the patient may complain of pain while eating hot food, with gangrenous pulpitis, spontaneously arising pain sensations.

Causes of pulpitis

The main cause of inflammation of the dental pulp is the penetration of microbes into it from the carious cavity. Another reason may be a trauma to the tooth, a fracture, exposure to thermal and chemical factors, the introduction of microbes through the blood in septic conditions is not excluded. Treatment of pulpitis Wuppertal.

Treatment of pulpitis Wuppertal features

There are two forms of pulpitis: acute and chronic. The course of the acute form is manifested in short-term or prolonged toothache, which worsens at night. Pain may radiate along the trigeminal nerve. Pulp necrosis is an irreversible form of the disease.

Chronic pulpitis, as a rule, is characterized by mild spontaneous pain associated with exposure to temperature and other types of irritants.
In modern dentistry, there are several types of treatment for pulpitis of milk or permanent teeth – it is conservative and operational. The choice is made depending on the course and form of the disease.

With conservative therapy, the doctor preserves the pulp in whole or in part. This method is used in young people. Treated under local anesthesia: the affected pulp is removed, a cavity is formed. Medicines are applied in the form of a paste and closed with a temporary or permanent filling.

During surgery, the inflamed pulp is removed, mechanical and drug treatment is performed, the channels are sealed and restored. The tooth is restored with a filling or an orthopedic crown. The cost of dental treatment is determined after consultation and examination by a doctor.

Prevention of Wuppertal

The main way to prevent acute and chronic pulpitis is the timely visit to the dentist and the treatment of caries in both adults and children.


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