Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment in Wuppertal can be performed at our Tsypin dentistry. Dental canals are thin cavities that run along the entire length of the roots, in which the dental nerve and blood vessels are located – the pulp. Certain anatomical nuances are characteristic of different dental groups. The anterior teeth have one canal, while the lateral teeth have three or four.

  • To preserve the aesthetics in the frontal zone of the smile, the treatment of the canals of the anterior tooth requires jewelry skill from the dentist.
  • Dental treatment is difficult due to its uncomfortable position.
Root canal treatment Wuppertal
Root canal treatment Wuppertal

In what cases is treatment necessary?

Indications for endodontic treatment may be inflammation associated with caries, pulpitis or periodontitis, various root injuries and nerve damage. These problems are most often accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • severe throbbing pain that occurs mainly at night;
  • swelling of the gums and their hypersensitivity;
  • darkening of teeth;
  • putrid smell from the mouth;
  • fistulous formations in the form of an abscess on the gums.

It should be noted that sometimes inflammatory diseases are asymptomatic and lead to the development of pulp tissue necrosis. Therefore, it is important to have regular preventive examinations to avoid such negative consequences.

Canal Treatment Technologies

Previously, doctors used arsenic for treatment. The pulp died under the action of the poison, and it was removed without the use of anesthesia. The method had many disadvantages and side effects, including severe poisoning and repeated inflammation.

Modern dentistry has taken a step forward, today high-quality anesthesia and high-tech equipment are used – radiovisiographs, apex locators, microscopes and bifocal eyepieces. Both therapeutic and surgical methods are used. At the initial stage, pulpitis can be dealt with in a conservative way – with the help of drugs and medical dressings.

With the right treatment tactics, the tooth can be completely saved, usually this happens in 80% of cases.

Root canal treatment in Wuppertal under a microscope

Endodontic root canal treatment must be carried out with high precision. To achieve the best effect in high-level clinics, a dental microscope is used. This improves the quality of services, allows for more accurate diagnosis, and also eliminates many complications.

With the traditional method of treatment, the view is limited to a mirror, and the dentist may receive an inaccurate picture of the disease. The electron microscope gives an overview of even the most inaccessible places. The patient occupies a comfortable lying position in a chair, the device is installed at a distance of twenty centimeters from the face. During the treatment, the doctor does not just look into the eyepieces from time to time, but uses a microscope during the entire appointment. The duration of this procedure is 1.5 – 2 hours.

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