Soft tissue plasty

Soft tissue plasty Wuppertal. Only an experienced specialist can make the decision to perform plasty of the tissues of the mouth, identifying the causes of the problems and taking into account all possible risks.

We perform elimination of problematic phenomena in the soft tissues not only for aesthetic reasons. Surgery is often necessary to preserve the integrity and health of the teeth and to allow important next steps in dental treatment or prosthetics to take place.

Indications for Soft tissue plasty of the oral cavity.

  • the presence of cosmetic defects due to the high level of the gingival margin;
  • bare teeth due to low gingiva;
  • the threat of tooth loss;
  • trauma of mechanical and chemical nature;
  • inflammatory tissue processes;
  • the presence of obstacles to the placement of prostheses or implants;
  • gum tissue overgrowth (if it is necessary to expose the crown part of the tooth by
  • orthopedic, paradontological and aesthetic indications);
  • frenulum attachment disorder of the tongue, lower lip, and upper lip.

Types of soft tissue plastic surgeries

Gingivoplasty: gingivoplasty

The practice of our dentists shows that the most common soft tissue problem in the mouth is improperly contoured gums. This can affect the appearance of the teeth, as well as the risk of developing serious diseases. Gingivoplasty can help correct asymmetric gingival height. The dentist-surgeon makes an incision in the problem area and moves the tissue in the right direction, after which the tissue is stitched together.

Plastic frenulum of the upper and lower lips

A shortened frenulum of the upper lip or lips during speech and chewing pulls the mucous membrane of the upper jaw along with it. Such a feature can cause bite irregularities, peeling of the gum from the teeth and exposure of their roots, which leads to the formation of pockets in the gum and tooth loss. In some cases, there is a complete absence of the frenulum, or its multiplicity.

Treatment of malformed frenulum is advisable at an early age. However, if there are threats of tooth loss, periodontists recommend surgery at any age.

Soft tissue plasty of the vestibule of the mouth

A shallow oral vestibule is often the cause of exposed tooth roots (recession), bleeding gums, gingivitis, and periodontitis. This defect can be corrected by a plasty of the vestibule of the mouth, which is performed using several methods. The most common method involves dissecting the soft tissue along the connection line between the gum and the mobile part of the mucosa. The doctor peels off the submucosal layer of the lip and sews it to the periosteum by lowering it into the soft tissue incision. Soft tissue plasty Wuppertal

Plastic frenulum of the tongue

To avoid the formation of malocclusion and speech defects, frenulum plasty is recommended in childhood. However, shortening of the frenulum of the tongue is possible as a result of trauma in an adult. An operation in our Tsypin Center will help to cope with this problem.

Removing neoplasms

Cysts, fibromas, and tumors can threaten dental health and cause discomfort during pronunciation. Methods of soft tissue plastic surgery practiced by our specialists help to get rid of neoplasms in the oral cavity in a painless and safe way.

When performing surgery on the oral mucosa, our specialists take its importance to the body into account. All important soft tissue functions are preserved after surgery. This is achieved through the use of special instruments and modern techniques of surgical manipulation. Soft tissue plasty Wuppertal.

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