Teeth splinting

Teeth splinting Wuppertal. Careful diagnosis of each case and the selection of an individual solution.

When splinting is needed

Splinting is a dental procedure that is used for mobility of an entire row or individual units. Often used in the complex treatment of periodontal disease and periodontitis. During the procedure, the doctor connects the entire tooth row or several dental units through a special construction in order to strengthen and preserve your own teeth, and prevent them from falling out.

The benefits of Teeth splinting Wuppertal

Teeth splinting is a procedure that has many advantages. Placing the splint on the tooth will not damage it or the periodontal tissues, as it is completely safe.

In addition, the tire performs several important functions, including:

  • Uniform distribution of the load, due to which the dental units are not loosened
  • Fixation in the exact position, which completely excludes its displacement and atrophy of bone tissue
  • Extension of the service life of moving units, due to their strong bonding with each other

Types of Teeth splinting Wuppertal

The procedure is subdivided into types depending on the duration of the treatment, on the system of fixing t and on the construction used. Teeth splinting Wuppertal

A distinction is made between temporary and permanent treatment:

The temporary procedure is more popular and fixes the teeth for the required period of time. As a rule, the tire in this case is put for 1-3 months. During this period, the bone tissue that holds the root is restored. It is used in the initial stages with a mild course of the disease.

The permanentmethod involves installing the splint for more than 4 months. The design does not affect your gums and helps improve your oral situation. The duration of treatment depends on the clinical situation.

According to the type of attachmentthere are removable and nonremovable designs. Removable is used when there are not enough teeth. Non-removable allows you to prevent excessive stress on the periodontal tissues and bone tissue.

The splinting structures can be:

  • applied crowns;
  • kappa;
  • high-density armide thread;
  • arcs with metal fasteners;
  • fiberglass beam.

The choice of a particular option depends on the number of lost units, the severity of the disease and the degree of tooth mobility. The appropriate method of treatment in each situation is chosen by the doctor. Teeth splinting Wuppertal

Indications for the procedure

The main and most frequent indication for a splint is tooth mobility due to periodontitis and periodontal disease. In this case, splinting acts as a support and prevents tooth loss.

But in addition to this there are several other indications for the installation of structures:

  • severe mechanical damage
  • Gingival recession and root exposure
  • correction of the tooth row with braces or a plate

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