Teeth Whitening ZOOM4

Teeth whitening ZOOM4 Wuppertal. We take whitening as seriously as we do dental treatment! We have only certified specialists with extensive experience. Always an individual approach – we take into account all the features of your teeth. Always the utmost safety – we only use advanced bleaching methods (ZOOM4) that are safe for enamel.

What is ZOOM whitening?

ZOOM 4 teeth whitening is the most advanced and safest method of enamel whitening available today. The effect of its use is due to a special technology: under the influence of light, active oxygen molecules are released from the gel – it is these molecules produce a whitening effect. Oxygen penetrates deep into the tooth and removes any pigmentation – even strong and persistent pigmentation. And this technique will help even smokers and people who have darkened teeth due to age.

What are the benefits of ZOOM 4 teeth whitening?

  • The ZOOM 4 teeth whitening system provides more than eight shades of whitening.
  • Your teeth will be much brighter in just one visit – a whitening session lasts only 45 minutes. This is especially important for busy people who do not have time for several visits to the clinic.
  • Suitable for people with sensitive enamel. A non-aggressive gel is used in the whitening process. It does not cause demineralization of enamel. Therefore, ZOOM 4 whitening is considered completely safe.
  • The results of ZOOM 4 whitening last for at least four years. If you follow all the recommendations of the dentist, this period can be significantly extended.
  • The ZOOM 4-System has ancillary benefits: the gel that is applied to the teeth contains amorphous calcium phosphate. During the procedure, it fills all the microcracks in the enamel, thereby “cementing” it.

How to prepare for whitening?

  • At the sanitation stage, the dentist performs a comprehensive treatment of caries and gum disease.
  • Professional hygiene – cleaning teeth from stones and plaque. Any deposits on the surface of the teeth make it difficult to whiten: under the plaque gel does not penetrate, and the tooth can whiten unevenly.
  • An important stage of preparation is to strengthen the enamel. The doctor will recommend a special gel, which should be applied to the teeth twice a day for a week. Micronutrients in the gel will promote remineralization (strengthening) of tooth enamel.
  • For more consistent results with ZOOM4 whitening, we recommend ordering custom mouth guards for home maintenance whitening. We will take an impression, make a custom mouth guard, and give it to you along with a syringe for home whitening. By the way, these same mouth guards can also be used for remineralizing therapy.

How ZOOM Teeth Whitening Wuppertal Works

ZOOM 4 teeth whitening is a procedure that requires a professional and competent approach. Our clinics employ specialists who are fluent in ZOOM 4 technology. The doctors will make your whitening as comfortable as possible and with excellent results.

Before the procedure, the dentist gives you an individual certificate of authenticity of whitening gels. You can erase the protective layer and check the certificate number on the website.

The Wuppertal ZOOM teeth whitening procedure itself begins with protection: the lips, gums and mucosa are carefully covered with protective films. For the lips can also use a cream photoprotector. Not a millimeter of unprotected soft tissue should be left!

The first layer of gel is applied to the teeth, and the patient wears protective glasses over his eyes. Then the doctor turns on the lamp, “lights up” the gel for about 15 minutes and applies the next layer. As a rule, it is enough to apply the gel four times.

If after completion of the procedure it turns out that the patient wants more lightening, another session can be done. But not before 3-4 weeks.

Over time, a gradual tarnishing of the teeth is possible. To “refresh” them, mouth guards are used, which are filled with a gentle gel with a restorative formula. Caps are worn at home at night. The gel will help your teeth look almost as good as they did immediately after the ZOOM 4.

ZOOM 4 Whitening: Contraindications

The whitening procedure is practically safe for both the teeth and the body as a whole. But there are still contraindications to it:

  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • oncological diseases;
  • Under 18 years of age;
  • very pronounced tooth sensitivity;
  • untreated diseases of the teeth and gums.


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