Tooth cyst removal

Tooth cyst removal Wuppertal. A dental cyst is a diagnosis that sounds like a verdict. But do not worry: the specialists at OneDent Clinic in Moscow will do everything possible to save a natural tooth and save it from extraction. The experience of our doctors, modern equipment and diagnostic methods, as well as individual approach to each patient – the key to proper diagnosis and, consequently, the successful treatment of the removal of dental cysts.

What is a tooth cyst?

In Greek kystis means bubble. It is a hollow formation that has an epithelial sheath filled with fluid or pus. Depending on the stage of inflammation, in the absence of medical intervention, it increases in size, destroys or displaces bone structures, the roots of neighboring teeth.

The main thing is that this inflammatory process occurs without pronounced symptoms. Often the diagnosis is accidental: large masses are visible on the panoramic image. The diagnosis of a tooth cyst is histologic and can only be made by examining the removed section in the laboratory. The symptoms, causes and mechanism of cysts are similar to those of chronic periodontitis – an inflammatory process near the root. Despite all the similarities, the treatment is completely different. Tooth cyst removal Wuppertal

Why does a cyst form?

Tooth cysts are a protective reaction of the body. The dense sheath isolates the odontogenic infection in order to prevent it from spreading. The main causes of cyst formation include:

  • injuries (dislocations, fractures, fractured teeth);
  • untimely treatment of dental caries;
  • errors in endodontic treatment;
  • difficult eruption of wisdom teeth.

Cyst symptoms

Symptoms characteristic of dental cysts and chronic periodontitis:

  • prolonged, aching toothache that spreads to other areas of the face and increases with biting;
  • the tooth seems to have grown, and there is little mobility;
  • swelling, changes in facial configuration;
  • fistula on the gum in the area of the diseased tooth, through which the inflammatory fluid is drained;
  • worsening of the general condition: fever, headaches, decreased ability to work;
  • discoloration of the tooth, it appears gray, lacks a natural luster, may have been previously treated;
  • on the X-ray: changes in the bone tissue, significant mass on one of the roots of the tooth.

Tooth cyst removal and treatment

The key difference between chronic periodontitis and a cyst is that periodontitis can be treated conservatively, without resorting to surgery. Treatment of cysts, on the other hand, is only surgical – the bubble itself is removed, but the natural tooth is preserved.

The main goal of therapeutic treatment is to eliminate the infection in the root canals. This is done by mechanical and medical treatment with special antiseptic solutions and instruments under radiological control. The availability of modern equipment and the great experience of doctors allow the main stage of conservative treatment in one visit. But it will all depend on the clinical situation.

After the acute inflammation is resolved and the infection is eliminated, the root canals are filled with a permanent filling material. Only in the absence of symptoms, treatment is completed with the installation of prosthetic structures (crowns, inlays), because the strength characteristics of the tooth are reduced, which can lead to its destruction and loss. Tooth cyst removal Wuppertal


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