Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction in Wuppertal can be done with us. The Tsypin network of clinics provides a full range of dental services at the highest level and tooth extraction, including the removal of wisdom teeth, is no exception. Our dental offices are located in Wuppertal, namely in the center. You can make an appointment and discuss any questions you may have with your patients by phone, visit the contact page of our website.

If you need a quality and painless tooth extraction Wuppertal, including a wisdom tooth – contact now

The main goal of Tsypin dental surgeons is to save the patient’s teeth. Tooth (wisdom) extraction is a surgical procedure. This is a radical method of treatment when other therapeutic methods have proven ineffective or unreasonable.

There are circumstances when tooth extraction Wuppertal is the only possible solution to the problem.

Our specialized specialists perform tooth extraction Wuppertal at any level of complexity at the highest European level:

  • highly qualified doctors with many years of practical experience;
  • innovative medical equipment;
  • applied modern methods.

What types of tooth extractions do we perform?

At the Tsypin Clinic in Wuppertal, any surgical procedure is performed only after a CT scan of the teeth. Three-dimensional imaging allows you to determine absolutely precisely the individual features of the patient’s topography and make a plan of tooth extraction with minimal tissue trauma.

Our dental surgeons perform a variety of possible tooth extractions in Wuppertal:

1. Simple and complex extraction according to indications:

  • clinical cases – complete or significant destruction of the crown; 3rd degree tooth mobility (the last stage of periodontitis); odontogenic osteomyelitis in the acute phase; jaw fracture with involvement of the tooth row; periapical abscess; unsuccessful or impossible endodontic treatment;
  • aesthetic – overcompaction, convergence and divergence teeth; in the correction of bite;

2. because of the occurrence of cysts:

  • cystectomy – removal of the cyst as well as the damaged tooth root apex;
  • Hemisection is performed when one of the roots of the tooth is completely destroyed; a part of the crown and the affected root are removed along with the cyst;
  • Tooth extraction if the tooth is completely encapsulated in a cyst or its tissues are completely destroyed;

3. atypical:

  • Pre-planned extraction of retained (fully located in the bone) or dystopian (abnormally positioned) teeth;
  • painlessness of the procedure is ensured by the latest generation of anesthetics; biocompatible suture material is used if it is necessary to suture the hole;

4. Removal of wisdom teeth:

Improperly located third molars are a source of chronic inflammation of the gum, so it is more correct, cheaper and less painful to remove them routinely, without waiting for exacerbation.

Removal of wisdom teeth, possible complications

The expediency of wisdom teeth extraction: atypical location in the jawbone; curvature of the roots. In the case of an exacerbation of the inflammatory process, provoked by the “figure eights”, there may be severe swelling, painful sensations when swallowing, the formation of a purulent abscess.

Removal of third molars is a complex surgical procedure. The inaccessibility of the area of the mouth where the wisdom teeth are located, the possible presence of curved roots, the lack of space in the bone – all these factors make surgical intervention very difficult. There may be situations where a tooth is fragmented and removed in pieces.

Tooth extraction Wuppertal
Tooth extraction Wuppertal

Acceptable postoperative symptoms:

  • swelling of the cheek on the side of removal;
  • painful sensations in the hole;
  • redness and swelling of the gums.

The doctor’s recommendations for oral care after the extraction of the eight must be followed. Otherwise, the most common complication is alveolitis (inflammation of the hole).

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