Treatment of periodontal disease

Treatment of periodontal disease Wuppertal. Periodontal disease is a pathology that causes atrophy of mucosal and bone tissues. This dental treatment is quite difficult to diagnose at the beginning of its detection – most often it is diagnosed in patients who discover some other disease.

What is Treatment of periodontal disease?

The disease is classified according to various criteria:

  • prevalence – localized (teeth necks are exposed only in a limited area) or generalized (destruction is noted on the entire dentition or even both jaws at once);
  • the form of leakage – acute or chronic;
  • degree of atrophy – five stages (initial, I, II, III, IV).

The method of treatment is selected taking into account the localization and stage of development of the pathology. In addition, another important nuance for patients depends on these factors – the prices for the treatment of periodontal disease of the gums.

Why does periodontitis appear?

Today, the disease is not fully understood. It is impossible to determine exactly what exactly can cause its development. It is only possible to determine the factors that can catalyze the pathological process.

Pathology always develops against the background of circulatory disorders in the soft tissues of the oral cavity, as well as in violation of metabolism. However, these conditions are characteristic of a mass of diseases, while bone and mucous tissues do not always atrophy. Treatment of periodontal disease Wuppertal.

Scientific research has revealed a number of problems that patients most often experience:

  • disruption of the immune system;
  • dysfunction of the endocrine system;
  • periodontal injuries (both acute and chronic);
  • malocclusion;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, bad habits, in particular smoking and alcohol abuse, always have a negative impact. Pathogenic bacteria can also influence the overall picture, but they do not play a decisive role.

How to recognize periodontal disease?

Symptoms depend on the stage of development of the pathology:

  • initial – symptoms are practically absent. Diagnosing the disease is difficult even for a specialist after an X-ray examination;
  • the first – a mild recession of the gums appears. May increase tooth sensitivity. At this stage, the destruction can already be detected using x-rays;
  • the second – the neck is noticeably exposed. The gaps between the teeth become more noticeable, hyperesthesia is noted;
  • the third – the protrusion of the roots behind the gum is noticeable. High sensitivity to temperature stimuli develops. Teeth may become mobile;
  • the fourth – the roots are exposed by 2/3. Dental roots are held in the bone exclusively by the apex. This condition may be an indication for tooth extraction.

How can the disease be treated?

It must be said that a complete cure is not yet possible. However, an experienced dentist can stabilize the condition, stop the progression of the pathology. It is necessary to treat periodontal disease of the teeth, otherwise the loss of dental units is inevitable. Treatment of periodontal disease Wuppertal.

The first stage of treatment is the elimination of the etiology (cause). Next, you need to perform a professional cleaning, with the help of which dental deposits are removed. This will allow the drugs to work more effectively.

One of the important activities is teaching the patient proper oral hygiene. If brushing is incorrect, careless, the gums may recede faster. The dentist can recommend special toothpastes, the action of which is aimed at strengthening the periodontium, improving blood supply.

Drug therapy is most often prescribed by other specialists, if the cause of the appearance of the pathology lies in the presence of common diseases. The dentist may prescribe the intake of vitamin and mineral complexes.

Physiotherapy techniques are widely used. The most common of these are the following:

  • gum massage;
  • darsonvalization and electrophoresis.

With the mobility of the teeth, orthopedic treatment can be prescribed. In difficult cases, a surgical operation is performed, the purpose of which is to restore the resorbed gum tissue and bones. Treatment of periodontal disease Wuppertal.

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