Wisdom tooth extraction

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Wisdom teeth (eight, third molars) are not involved in the chewing process and are atavistic. They have no practical function, and therefore there is a consensus in modern dentistry that they should be removed surgically. This avoids the risk of various problems.

Wisdom tooth extraction Wuppertal

Indications for wisdom tooth extraction

There are many indications for having a wisdom tooth removed. All of them are conditionally divided into two categories – planned and emergency. Urgent surgical intervention is required in such cases:

  • the patient is experiencing severe toothache;
  • The presence of a purulent process that will lead to periostitis or osteomyelitis;
  • an axial fracture or a crown lobe fracture that does not allow for orthopedic treatment or a filling.

Planned wisdom tooth extraction is most commonly performed in the following cases:

  • atypical location, which can cause mucosal trauma and make it difficult to eat;
  • presence of a tumor on the jaw;
  • orthodontic treatment is necessary;
  • there was a mechanical trauma.

In addition, the operation is often performed at the request of the patient. This is possible if no contraindications are found during the preliminary examination.

Wisdom tooth extraction: does it hurt?

This question arises in an overwhelming number of patients. There is an opinion that wisdom tooth extraction is an extremely painful procedure. However, this is nothing more than a myth that originated at a time when dental surgery was not as highly developed as it is today.

If the operation is performed by an experienced doctor using modern equipment and the anesthesia is performed correctly, there will be no pain. Patients who were not lucky enough to fall into the hands of an unqualified doctor tell us about the painfulness of the procedure.

Anesthetics currently used by dental surgeons make it possible to eliminate the risk of painful sensations. Unpleasant sensations may occur only during the injection itself.

Dentists are now achieving complete pain relief even in the presence of purulent inflammation. Surgery can be performed under full anesthesia instead of local anesthesia, but this is relatively rare.

How is removal performed?

The operation can be simple or complex. A simple surgical procedure takes only 2 to 10 minutes. The entire process consists of several steps:

  • First of all, the anamnesis is collected. This allows the doctor to identify contraindications, select the type of anesthesia and take into account all possible risks;
  • Then anesthesia is administered. The drug is chosen individually. The anesthesia begins to take effect after 4-8 minutes;
  • then the removal is carried out directly. The tooth is extracted, after which the hole is treated with an anti-inflammatory drug. This reduces the risk of developing alveolitis;
  • After that, stitches are applied (not always considered mandatory). This almost completely eliminates the risk of bleeding.

Complex removal is necessary when the figure eight has not yet erupted. It is also performed if the crown of the tooth is destroyed, the roots are curved or strongly branched, and there is a strong inclination. Before a complex surgery, an X-ray is always taken beforehand. The gingiva is usually incised. The bone tissue is either drilled out or the tooth is sawed and extracted piecemeal. Suturing is mandatory. This operation can take from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Difficulties with wisdom tooth extraction in Wuppertal

It is not an easy surgical procedure to extract a wisdom tooth. This is due to a number of features:

  • access to the third molars is severely limited due to their location;
  • most often the root canal is curved;
  • often the eight, when it grows up, already shows signs of destruction.

How complicated the operation will be depends on such factors:

  • peculiarities of the root form;
  • the extent to which the tooth has erupted;
  • if there is a slope to the side and how strong it is;
  • the degree of qualification of the doctor.

The most significant factor can be called the latter. It is the professionalism of the dentist that determines the smoothness of the operation. Tsypin Dentistry offers services of highly qualified specialists. We use the most advanced equipment and quality anesthesia. The operation will take place in the most comfortable conditions, and the cost of wisdom tooth extraction will pleasantly surprise you!

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